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Benson Brewery Update

The owner of the Benson Brewery sent us this update to share with the neighborhood:

“We were finally able to secure the long-term rights to 6057 Maple Street this afternoon. This will allow us to build the outdoor seating area sketched in the attached file and eventually expand into the building next door, tripling our seating capacity and freeing up space for a few home-brew systems for the home brewers to use! We still look to be on target to open late fall early winter of this year.”

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Kurt Goetzinger is the owner and operator of Omaha Advertising, an advertising/public relations firm, and Omaha Television, an online video channel, in Omaha, Nebraska. He has served on the boards of the Benson Neighborhood Association and Benson Business Association. In 2003 Kurt launched the community website www.BensonNebraska.com. In 2009 he created and continues to administrator of the Benson, Nebraska Facebook page and Twitter account. Kurt and his family moved to Benson in 1975, when his father's company was transferred from Chicago. He was educated at Omaha Central High School and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kurt owns a 1911 farmhouse at 60th & Lafayette on the south side of Benson. In 2010 he purchased the empty lot next door, turning it into Benson Community Garden. He is the father of a grown son; Conrad, and two daughters; Gabriella and Daphne. kurt@omahaadvertising.com TWITTER: @kurtgoetzinger FACEBOOK: /KurtGoetzinger

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